40% off Sale

40% off Sale

Restrumed, the innovative brand known for its unique guitar string jewelry and accessories, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated Annual Holiday Sale. This exclusive event features a generous 40% off on an exquisite collection of Recycled Guitar String Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and keychains – all meticulously handcrafted by the talented guitar string jewelry artist, Detroit-ish Super Kera.

As the holiday season approaches, Restrumed invites music enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and eco-conscious consumers to indulge in the harmonious blend of artistry and sustainability. Each piece in this captivating collection is crafted from repurposed guitar strings, breathing new life into the musical soul of these strings and transforming them into one-of-a-kind fashion statements.

The star of the sale is the Recycled Guitar String Bracelet, a signature creation by Super Kera. These bracelets seamlessly weave together the history and emotions of music with contemporary fashion, embodying a unique story within every strand. The meticulous attention to detail in each bracelet reflects the artist’s commitment to preserving the essence of music in a tangible and wearable form.

Necklaces in the collection radiate with an undeniable charm, offering a perfect balance between elegance and edginess. The recycled guitar strings, carefully chosen and curated, are transformed into captivating necklaces that become more than mere accessories – they become a conversation piece, a celebration of creativity and sustainability.

For those seeking a subtle yet distinctive touch, the Recycled Guitar Pick Earrings are a must-have. Super Kera’s intricate designs showcase her dedication to craftsmanship, allowing wearers to express their love for music. These earrings are an ideal gift for those who appreciate the fusion of style and ecological responsibility.

The collection extends beyond traditional jewelry with the inclusion of Recycled Guitar String Keychains. These miniature works of art allow music enthusiasts to carry a piece of their passion wherever they go. Super Kera’s talent shines through in every keychain, making them an ideal stocking stuffer for friends and family who cherish both music and sustainable living.

Super Kera’s creations not only resonate with the spirit of Detroit but also embody a global appeal. The artist’s Detroit-ish roots add a touch of local authenticity to each piece, making them a versatile choice for individuals who appreciate a fusion of cultures in their accessories.

Restrumed’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the use of recycled materials. The Annual Holiday Sale reinforces the brand’s dedication to reducing environmental impact by encouraging consumers to choose eco-friendly and locally crafted products. By offering a substantial, and never before seen, 40% discount on these unique pieces, Restrumed strives to make sustainable fashion accessible to a broader audience during the festive season.

In conclusion, Restrumed’s Annual Holiday Sale is a celebration of music, art, and conscientious living. Super Kera’s handmade jewelry pieces, crafted from recycled guitar strings, invite you to embrace the holiday spirit with style and purpose. Don’t miss the opportunity to adorn yourself or your loved ones with these distinctive creations, as you contribute to a sustainable and harmonious future.

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