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Restrumed upcycled guitar string jewelry uses old strings and new picks to make unique fan art!! 
Strings come from music stores and musicians around greater Detroit, sometimes by the garbage-can-full!! It takes ALOT of untangling, sorting and cleaning before the creative process begins! 
Guitar picks are sourced from the bands themselves, in order to repurpose them. Their merch websites, or license holders, Restrumed supports ALOT of musicians!! When you buy from us, youre not only supporting a Michigan small business, but your favorite band too!! 
Restrumed merch is made solely by the owner and creater, Kera Berutti. 
Best selling guitar pick bracelet, is the “love child” of Kera, she started making these as a slip on bangle, then discovered a way to make them clasp, making the Restrumed wristband an easy gift for any music lover!! A guitar pick is braided onto a guitar string, using guitar string ends as beads!! You can see this design in the guitar string necklace and keychain as well !! 
Restrumed uses more than just rock band picks! We have a local guitar pick artist who has created a “hippie line” for Restrumed to use!! Peace Signs, hippie bus, and tie-dye galore!! Restrumed tries to source their purchases locally when they can!! 
Restrumed has been selling on social media and in-peron craft shows and music festivals since 2016. The website has been a dream, not to sell on Esty or eBay, but a website all our own! 
Another dream thats been accomplished with the website…BAND MERCH!! Restrumed uses the band’s personal guitar strings, and custom logo guitar picks to make merch for bands to sell at their merch tables!! Imagine going to see your favorite band, at the merch table you see…a “stage used” guitar string/pick bracelet!! I know I’D WANT ONE!! Band merch packages will offer wristbands, earrings, necklaces and keychains at WHOLESALE prices to make YOUR band some serious profits all while offering ONE-OF-A-KIND merch to your fans!!

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